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Through our coolant management services, our technicians can formulate our fluids to provide a wide range of extra benefits by adding fungicides and biocides, surfactants, extreme pressure agents, and other components. As well, Polar Chem's experts can manage your coolant systems and provide continual support to help streamline processes, improving your bottom line.


Full synthetic coolants offer exceptionally clean running as they have 0% oil content. They are complex formulations that offer excellent lubricity, cooling and sump life.


Semi-synthetic coolants are metalworking fluid concentrates that contain a small amount of oil (usually less than 30%) as well as synthetic lubricants and other additives. When mixed with water, they form a translucent fluid

Water Soluble

Soluble Oils are metalworking fluid concentrates containing a high percentage of oil (usually greater than 50%). When mixed with water, they form an emulsion that has a milky appearance. The high oil content provides excellent physical lubricity for the cutting operation as well as protection for the machine tool.

Full-Synthetic Coolants

polar 200

  • Light to Moderate Duty Synthetic Coolant

  • Rejects Oil 

  • Formulated for Grinding 

  • Clean Running  


  • Medium Duty Synthetic Coolant

  • Rejects Oil 

  • Improved Machine Cleanliness 

  • Low Foaming 

  • Has Extreme Pressure Additives 

  • Inhabits Corrosion 



  • Heavy Duty Synthetic Coolant

  • High Performance  

  • Formulated For High-Speed Machining 

  • Has Extremely High Lubricity 

  • Has Superior Oil Rejecting Abilities 

Semi-Synthetic Coolants 

polar 1000

  • General Purpose 

  • Lower Cost

  • Excellent For Small Batch Machining & Sawing Operations

  • Good For Job Shop Operations 

POLAR 2000

  • Medium Duty Semi-Synthetic Coolant

  • Has Extreme Pressure Additives 

  • Low Foaming 

  • Long lasting Sump Life 

  • Good For General Machining 

POLAR 3000

  • Heavy Duty Semi-Synthetic Coolant

  • Superior Cooling Capabilities 

  • Excellent At Rejecting Tramp Oil 

  • Engineered For High Volume Machining 

Water Soluble 

POLAR 4000 

  • General purpose 

  • Contains Excellent  Lubricity Properties 

  • Engineered For a Variety Ff Machining 

POLAR 5000

  • Medium Duty 

  • Improved performance on Non- Ferrous Metals

  • Suitable For Moderate Drawing and Stamping Applications 

  • Has low foaming 

POLAR 6000 

  • New Chemistry 

  • Formulated to Resist Foam, Bacteria, and Fungus 

  • Dramatically reduces waste disposal 

  • Ensures  Longer Tool Life 

  • Out Standing Performance in High Pressure Environments 

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